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CINERAMA DOME at ArcLight Hollywood - Once Upon a... TARANTINO


Retrospective: Vol. 2


Three years after New Beverly Cinema ran their Quentin Tarantino film retrospective…

Well, here we are. Volume Two. Two thousand and nineteen. Another movie release from an influential and brilliant filmmaker. Another film retrospective. This time, fans would celebrate some iconic feature length movies during a three day event. A tribute to Tarantino from ArcLight Cinemas in… HOLLYWOOD!


Chapter 3 - Lenny Pozner - The HONR Network - main image

Lenny Pozner

Volunteering with The HONR Network

We take action against hate crimes, fake news, gun violence, internet trolls, cyber terrorists and ONLINE HOAXERS…

There are plenty of ways to get certain YouTubers in your corner, or on your side. If you mess with Lenny Pozner from The HONR Network and get under the man’s skin, you win.



Central Casting

Extra Work

est. 1925 – the LEADING Background Actor casting company in the United States…

Central Casting
220 S. Flower Street
Burbank, California 91502

Why do I call myself an actor?

I wanna know “when.” Everything I’m doing’s such a fuckin’ joke… workin’ on your sets.

The last Coppola weeks – God, father. I’m treated like a fuckin’ disease. Mutha fucka, I’m actin’ like a sucker and a prick cuz the center of a Tootsie role can make ya. Fuckin’ sick, yo!

You think I’m a dink… but I’m not. I think, “I’ll break your fuckin’ legs and stick my dick inside ya!” but… WHOA! I’m actin’! Like a squirrelly!

Fuckin’ nuttin’… I’m about to Blow smoke and molten lava pot.


So now I’m on fire and I’m hot? Meet your Fight Club in a pub?

Beat cha.

(in a parkin’ lot, suckers…)




The Car

A 1990 Volkswagen GTI, my quirky two-door hatchback…

She carried hundreds of movie posters, a 16mm film camera, bins containing electronic equipment, musical instruments, clothes, pieces of furniture – everything I owned and then some fit inside Carrie.

The car came pre-owned, herself. Straight out them back pages of The Cape Cod Times classified section, paper edition:

  • for sale
  • 1990 vw gti
  • 2-door
  • RED
  • 78K miles
  • $5K firm
  • cash preferred

I had cash. My family’s cash, not mine-mine, I could swing five thousand easy. I didn’t care too much for that RED part there.

3-21… BLAST OFF!



My Son

I dream about you every single day, until we meet again…

Dear Vincente,

You are from love and arrived at a special moment in time. A Mercury Retrograde fell on the calendar date of March 21st, 2012. It was the Year of the Water Dragon in China and the first day of Spring in Long Beach, California. You were born into this world as a Dragon, just like your fire-breathin’ MahMah, mixed with my blood. Endless sweat and tears from your DuhDuh the Water Ox. The first sign on the zodiac star chart is you, an Aries. You and me, Vincente, we share that same Aries star sign. You and me, two Rams who should be butting heads. Butt you… you always got your way. Completely unspoiled.

A special moment in time, then and since, Vince. Lots of magical moments… too hard to put into words. Yeah. You had to be there and you were there.